Hydraulic Press Brake Machine

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Standard Equipments

  • Robust welded steel frame structure
  • Compact cylinder design and low pressure required due to rear cylinder system
  • Electrical control panel with multiple mode selection such as:inch/ single cycle/ auto mode operation
  • A mobile pair of foot switch panel
  • Front sheet support of 600 mm length
  • For fine stroke, adjustment rod with limit switch provided
  • Front operated manual back gauge fitted along with lead screw
  • Standard 5 “V” die made up of EN-8 material & punch made up of EN-31 (Both are unhardened)
  • Centralized lubrication system
  • Ram tilting arrangement on outer right side of machine
  • All electric & hydraulic components are made up of reputed makes

Optional Equipment

  • Touch screen display
  • NC backguage with ball screw
  • High speed AC servo drive for backguage movement
  • Movement of backguage held by timing belt
  • Manual anti-deflection table as a feature
  • Optional front sheet support with linear guide


Technical Specification

RG-PX Hydraulic Press Brake Machine

RGPX 2565 Hydraulic Press brake machine Video

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What is a hydraulic press brake machine?

Metal is bent and folded by pressing it into a die using hydraulic press brakes. These presses can be used for applications requiring both continuous production and specialized sheet metal work.

What are the benefits of a hydraulic press brake machine?
  1. low initial expense
  2. low cost of toolkits
  3. Simple and quick setting
  4. extreme adaptability
  5. Simple to sustain
Mention the standard feature of the hydraulic press brake machine?

The following accessories and standards are included with hydraulic press brakes:

  • Ram & BED
  • Lubrication system
  • Clutch and brake
  • Drive system
  • Ram adjustment mechanism
What Is the Workflow of a Hydraulic Press Brake?

Using the force of a hydraulic motor, a hydraulic press brake applies pressure to the metal, compressing it into the die to create the desired shape. The shape that the metal will take after being bent depends on the shape of the die.

Why Use a Hydraulic Press brake machine?

When looking for efficient bending processes to perform automated bending processes, many manufacturers choose hydraulic press brakes.

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