Hydraulic Shearing Machine

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Standard Equipments

  • Guillotine type hydraulically variable rake angle design
  • Rake angle can be adjusted according to material thickness
  • Automatic adjustment of shearing clamping force for various jobs
  • Front sheet support arm length: 600mm
  • 1000mm long table mounted squaring arm
  • Ram guided by 8 hardened & grounded guide rollers
  • Moving beam synchronized by differential cylinder
  • Side levers for quick & easy adjustment of blade gap to ensure clean cuts
  • Sheet clamped hydraulically before cut starts
  • Movable foot-switch to preform operation from safe position
  • Efficient compact design of power pack with minimum piping system
  • All electric and hydraulic components from reputed make
  • Both blades are made up of premium HCHCR material with all 4 usable edges
  • Backguage movement by lead screw
  • Heavy duty sheet backguage stopper

Optional Equipment

  • Digital display controller
  • 7.5″ inch touch screen display
  • NC backgauge with ball screw
  • Automatic programming system
  • Front side safety curtains
  • Material handling system
  • High speed AC servo driven backgauge
  • Automatic rear stacking system
  • Suitable for up gradation with special optional features
  • Transfer ball type front table


Technical Specification

RG-SX Hydraulic Shearing Machine

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Which are the standard accessories included in this hydraulic shearing machine?

Here we mentioned some standard accessories of this machine.

  • With a selector switch, you can adjust the rake angle to your desire
  • Hydraulic hold-downs allow for quick blade clearance adjustments
  • Front Operator Control Box
  • Movable Foot Switch
  • Interchangeable shear blade with four edges
    Manual book for Operation and Maintenance
What are the additional features of a hydraulic shearing machine?

Hydraulic Shearing Machines With Quick Blade Clearance Adjustment By Livers, Variable Rank Angle, And Hydraulic Hold Down To Prevent Sheet Slippage. Hydraulic shearing machines are equipped with digital displays that show up the stock position of the shearing count and back gauge.

What is hydraulic shearing used for?

A hydraulic shearing machine is ideal for initial demolitions. The device is mostly used on demolition sites to cut steel. A hydraulic Shearing Machine is the greatest way to cut metals into various shapes and sizes.

Advantage of thickness-calibrated levers hydraulic shearing machine?

The hydraulic shearing machine has thickness-calibrated levers on both sides of the machine to adjust the clearance between the top and bottom blades based on the thickness of the sheet/plate.

Which type of sheets are sheared by this hydraulic shearing machine?

This hydraulic shearing machine can shear stainless steel, iron, carbon steel, copper, and aluminium.

Types of shearing machine?
  • Hydraulic shearing machine
  • Sheet metal shearing machine
  • Power shearing machine
  • Guillotine shear machine
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