Hydraulic Iron Worker

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Technical Specification

Hydraulic Iron Worker

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What is a Hydraulic Ironworker Machine?

Hydraulic ironworker machine combines multiple tools and functions into a single, easy-to-use, low maintenance, low-energy, and easy-to-operate.

Advantages of hydraulic system in ironworker?

The compact blocks reduce the risk of leakage while also reducing the hydraulic pipes. This low-noise hydraulic system is installed on the back side of the machine, on top of two side plates.

What is the capacity of hydraulic ironworker machine?

A hydraulic ironworker machine with a 120-ton capacity.

Types of ironworker machines?

There are two types of hydraulic ironworker machines.

  • Hydraulic Ironworker Machine
  • Mechanical Ironworker Machine
Application of hydraulic ironworker machine?

The list of usage of hydraulic ironworker machine is mentioned below:

  • processing of structural steel
  • Elevator and Parts Processing
  • Processing of wind power equipment parts
  • Grain machinery (grain and oil machinery)
  • Used in the manufacture of railway wagons, automobiles, and crane parts.
  • Spare type parts, hinges, hooks, inserts, and wall plates are all used in trailers.
  • Used to process high- and low-voltage towers.
  • The threshing frame body is used in the agriculture machinery industry.
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