C Frame Hydraulic Press

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Technical Specification

C Frame Hydraulic Press

-All the diminision are in mm
-The above makes are subject to availability & change without notice.
-The above specification can change without notice


What is a C frame press machine?

One type of hydraulic press that is frequently used is the C-frame press. These presses are also known as “gap-frame presses,” and their name comes from the fact that they are shaped like the letter “C.”

What is the difference between C & H type of power press machine?

C-type power press machine can apply a pressure power of 3 tons to 250 tons and H-type power press machine can apply a force ranging from 10 tons to 250 tons.

Benefits of C frame press machine?

Here we mention some beneficial points of the C frame press machine.
Minimal floor space
Easy to use & efficiency
Reliable cost
With three access point

What is the use of a C frame power press?

This machine is used for pressing, bending, and compressing also utilized in many industries such as the production of bicycles, automobiles, and agricultural equipment that deal with metal.

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