Hydraulic Press Brake Machine

A Hydraulic press brake machine has been the most common machine for many years. The Hydraulic Press Brake‘s light curtain safety system enables the ram’s movement to be stopped at any time, the operating stroke to be reversed, and the speed to be controlled.

Intelligent handling of the bending of various materials, including thickness, length, tonnage, angle, etc., is possible with hydraulic press brakes equipped with CNC systems. Torsion shaft press brakes, mechanical hydraulic press brakes, and electro-hydraulic press brakes are additional subcategories of hydraulic press brakes.

Principal of Hydraulic Press Brake

A hydraulic press uses the pressure created by liquid pressure to produce mechanical force. These presses, which have a 150-pound force limit, are frequently used to compress and shape materials.

The size and design of the cylinders in a hydraulic press might change depending on the type of press. Additionally, they can be altered to match particular manufacturing uses. In a hydraulic press, hydraulic fluid-filled pipes link the two cylinders. A stronger force is produced by the bigger cylinder. A plunger is a smaller cylinder. To compress the workpiece, the ram lowers the top portion of the die.

How is Used in Different Sectors

Different industries employ hydraulic presses. These include manufacturing processes for automobiles, electricity, oil and gas, chemicals, textiles, and paper. Their layout is based on the reciprocity principle. This indicates that the press acting on two piston assemblies experiences a pushing force equivalent to the force of the individual pistons as they push against one another.

Advantages of Hydraulic Press Brake Machine

  • A hydraulic press brake is used in many sectors and can use this machine in a wide range of industries.
  • There are various types of hydraulic press systems available in the market according to your requirements.
  • It can also aid in lowering the amount of electricity used. Additionally, it is useful in sizable hydraulic presses.


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