NC Press Brake Machine

NC (numeric control) was created in the early generation of the convention press brake. The NC Press Brake Machine can only rely on the wisdom of seasoned personnel to perform trial bending while processing in accordance with the drawings since it lacks a control system and V-axis compensation. You must keep trying, even if you fall short of the standard. In addition to producing trash, this procedure also has a narrow selection window and significant hiring costs for operators.

Advantages of NC Press Brake

The NC press brake machine has numerous advantages which are mentioned below.

  • NC press brake is highly suitable for low-cost production. Although this machine is easy to operate.
  • NC press brake required less training and was more expensive than CNC.
  • Most NC press brakes do not include a crowning system as standard equipment.
  •  It’s the best choice for those customers who need press brakes under 250 tons.
  • Before the official product is bent, the operator must manually modify the bending.
  • It will require a lot of time and materials, and it will be challenging to produce the item with extreme precision.
  • During the operation of the machine, its running speed will be 6:1 or 8:1 oil cylinder. (slider speed), back gauge speed, and bending step.

Structure of NC Press Brakes

  • The NC press brake uses a torsion shaft to link the left and right swing rods to form a torsion shaft forcing a synchronization mechanism to move up and down the cylinders on both sides.
  • The torsion shaft synchronization press brake is a mechanical-forced synchronization method, and the parallelism of the slider cannot be automatically checked and automatically adjusted.
  • The NC press brake maintains the synchronization of the ram through mechanical leading to subpar machining accuracy, and the ability to make automatic corrections.


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