Hydraulic Shearing Machine

Compared to traditional mechanical shears, Hydraulic Shearing Machine have many benefits. Blade damage brought on by overload or improper use is prevented by built-in overload prevention. The uniform soft shearing extends the life of the blades by reducing the impact load on them, lowers the cost of regrinding, and enables the shearing of coated or brittle sheets that would otherwise crack when sheared on mechanical machines.

How Does it Work?

As you might have suspected, a hydraulic system powers a hydraulic shearing machine. The chosen material is forced up against the steel plate by the hydraulic system. Additionally, it drives the cylinders on the left and right sides, which allow the tool to be moved vertically. In order to cut the material into the required shape and size, the hydraulic system’s force activates the shear tools to descend against the material.

Use of Parts Made by Shearing Machine

Parts for ships, aeroplanes, railroads, and other structures are only a few of the top goods made by hydraulic shearing machines. It is used in heavy-duty sectors like the ones just mentioned. Other sectors, such as food, electricity, and decorative ones, can also use it.

Principle of Hydraulic Shearing Machine

A hydraulic shearing machine is a device that uses a moving upper blade and a fixed lower blade to apply shearing force to metal plates of varied thicknesses, breaking and separating the plates according to the desired size. The hydraulic shearing device offers a stunning design, superior functionality, and consistent quality.

Additional Beneficial Points

  • Its steel structure is constructed using welding to provide it with high strength and stability.
  • The use of an adjustable shear angle significantly reduces sheet distortion.
  • Comes with an integrated hydraulic system that is highly durable and reliable.
  • For a long service life, rectangular blades can accept up to four cutting edges.
  • Adjusts the blade gap precisely, fast, and easily using a hand wheel.


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