CNC machining is a manufacturing process that utilizes computer control to operate and manipulate machines and cutting tools. In practically every industry in the world, CNC machines are used to create parts. They use aluminium, plastic, wood, and other hard materials to make products and components.

The technique by which industrial tools and machinery are moved according to instructions from pre-programmed computer software is known as “CNC.” As a result, producers may produce parts faster, with less waste, and with no chance of human error.

Where can CNC Machines be Used?

  • Health care sector

Knowing that CNC systems are used in the healthcare industry may come as a surprise. However, there are many uses for CNC machining in the medical field. For the production of medical supplies and quick tooling to make injection molding dies, the healthcare and medical sectors use CNC machining. Then, facial masks are created using the injection molding method.

  • Aerospace sector

CNC machining and the aerospace sector have a long history together. Metal aircraft parts are machined with the highest level of accuracy. For applications that are safety-critical, this is absolutely necessary. Additionally, there are many possibilities available to aerospace engineers thanks to the variety of technical metals suitable for CNC.

  • Defence sector

The defence industry uses CNC machining regularly to prototype durable and dependable parts. The goal of the machining is to make it possible for the components to resist wear and tear with little maintenance.

CNC systems have a wide range of uses in these industries, from complex custom designs for weapon bodies to the internal parts of missiles. A handful of the components created by a CNC manufacturing process are listed below:

  • Transportation sector

Many parts used in the aviation sector, such as engines, can also be found in the transportation sector. Because it affects people’s safety and ability to travel, product research and testing are just as important for the transportation industry as they are for the air and space industries.


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