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In the realm of metal fabrication and manufacturing, high precision, and unwavering quality stand paramount. Rajesh Machine Tools Pvt. Ltd. intricately melds these crucial elements, pioneering as one of the renowned CNC Shearing Machine Manufacturers in India. We offer advanced CNC Hydraulic Shearing Machines, boosting precision and productivity with technical expertise and innovation.

When it comes to CNC Shearing Machines, delineating a perfect cut isn’t just about slashing through the material; it’s a subtle art where precision, speed, and reliability coalesce into a single, fluid motion. Our RG-Cut CNC Hydraulic Shearing Machines emanate this philosophy, ensuring that each slice through metal isn’t just a cut, but a testament to unparalleled accuracy and unbridled power.


Technical Specification

RG – Cut CNC Shearing Machine


Shearing with Precision, Powering Your Projects

A shearing machine plays a pivotal role in the fabrication process, curating clean, straight cuts across a myriad of metals, enabling artisans and engineers alike to craft their projects with immaculate precision. The RG-Cut series at Rajesh Machine Tools isn’t just a collection of machines; Engineers gather here to empower your projects, ensuring precision and reliability in every cut.


Elevating Standards, Crafting Excellence

Ensuring operational safety and reliability while maintaining top-notch quality in cuts, the CNC Shearing Machines at Rajesh Machine Tools herald not just machinery, but an embodiment of technological prowess and operational ease. Our machines, crafted for your manufacturing journey, drive efficiency and excellence with a robust build, ergonomic design, and sophisticated control systems, making them silent workhorses in every project.


Technology Meets Tradition

While we stride forward, embracing innovative technologies, we also uphold the time-tested values of trust, reliability, and unwavering quality that have defined our journey since inception. Our clientele, sprawled across diverse sectors of the industry, resonates with a partnership that extends beyond mere business, blooming into relationships anchored in mutual growth and sustained trust.


Unleash Possibilities with Rajesh Machine Tools

RG-Cut CNC Hydraulic Shearing Machines excel in precision and quality, essential in today’s digital era. Elevate your manufacturing capabilities to reduce wastage, boost productivity, and unleash creativity, ensuring precise, masterful project execution.


Customer-Centric Approach, A Relationship Etched in Trust

In the echo of metal against metal, amidst the symphony of machinery in operation, we listen to the most vital element – You. Rajesh Machine Tools prioritizes customers, offering precision machines and excellent service, fostering trust and mutual success in our relationships.


The Rajesh Promise: Pioneering, Reliable, Precision-Engineered

The Rajesh promise manifests as a triad – Pioneering designs, Reliable machinery, and Precision-Engineered solutions that underpin every CNC shearing machine we build. At Rajesh Machine Tools, we craft every machine to meet global quality and reliability standards, guaranteeing expertise, care, and attention to detail.


Dive into a World Where Precision is Promised

Discover a world where each cut turns into a symphony, machines craft with precision and reliability. Welcome to Rajesh Machine Tools, where technology and expertise excel. Navigate through our detailed portfolio and witness firsthand how our CNC Shearing Machines can elevate your manufacturing capabilities. Visit our website and step into a realm where your manufacturing dreams are forged into reality.



Choose Rajesh Machine Tools for top-notch machinery and dedicated support in an era where quality and precision matter for success. We, at Rajesh Machine Tools, don’t just build machines; we forge partnerships, craft relationships, and engineer your dreams into tangible realities.



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