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In the realm of metal fabrication, precision and efficiency are paramount, and Rajesh Machine Tools Pvt. Ltd. stands tall as a leading Shearing Machines manufacturer, providing cutting-edge solutions that redefine precision cutting. At Rajesh Machine Tools, we take pride in our commitment to delivering top-notch machinery that caters to the evolving needs of the industry.

At the heart of our offerings is the RG-Cut CNC Hydraulic Shearing Machine, a flagship product designed to elevate your metal-cutting operations. With a cutting length ranging from 2000mm to 6000mm, our shearing machines are engineered to deliver unparalleled precision and performance.


Technical Specification

RG – Cut CNC Shearing Machine


Precision Redefined:

We engineer our shearing machines with precision to meet the highest standards in every cut. The CNC technology incorporated into the RG-Cut series guarantees accuracy, speed, and reliability. Whether you are working with stainless steel, aluminium, or other alloys, our machines ensure clean and precise cuts every time.


Versatility in Cutting Lengths:

One of the key advantages of Our Shearing Machines is the flexibility in cutting lengths. Ranging from 2000mm to 6000mm, these machines empower manufacturers to handle a diverse range of projects. Whether tackling large-scale industrial productions or intricate smaller projects, our shearing machines cater to your specific requirements.


Robust Construction for Longevity:

Understanding the demanding nature of metal fabrication, our shearing machines are built with durability in mind. The robust construction ensures longevity, making Our Shearing Machines a reliable investment for your business. These machines endure heavy-duty use, delivering consistent performance throughout the years due to their engineered durability.


User-Friendly Interface:

While our shearing machines boast cutting-edge technology, we understand the importance of user-friendly interfaces. The intuitive controls of the RG-Cut series make it easy for operators to set parameters, monitor cuts, and ensure optimal performance. This user-centric design minimizes the learning curve, allowing your team to maximize productivity from day one.


Elevate Your Manufacturing:

Investing in Our Shearing Machines is not just a purchase; it’s a strategic move to elevate your manufacturing capabilities. The precision, versatility, and durability of our machines contribute to increased efficiency, reduced downtime, and ultimately, enhanced profitability for your business.



In conclusion, Rajesh Machine Tools Pvt. Ltd. is your trusted partner for superior Shearing Machines. With a focus on precision, versatility, and durability, our RG-Cut CNC Hydraulic Shearing Machines redefine the standards in the industry. Explore the full range of cutting-edge solutions that can transform your metal fabrication processes. Elevate your manufacturing with Rajesh Machine Tools – where precision meets performance.


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