One of the most important procedures in the sheet metal production sector is press brake bending. Bending is a common procedure used in many industries to create parts and workpieces of varying sizes.

To prevent the material from springing back because of remaining tensile and compressive stresses, it must be bent just a little bit beyond the intended shape.

What is Press Brake Bending Machine 

A Bend Press Brake Machine known as a CNC (computer numerical control) press employs a computer-controlled system to bend metal sheets into certain shapes. It applies pressure to the workpiece using hydraulic or mechanical force, and the computer regulates the bending process by varying the position and force of the bending tool.

An easy-to-use CNC bending machine is helpful in achieving simple and secure operation of the metal sheet bending process. It has a structure with great stiffness to guarantee enduring service and consistent performance.


  • A sheet bending machine, often called a brake, is used to create large right angles as well as curved folds. 
  • Metals are also shaped using it to achieve the desired size and shape. 
  • The metal component bends or deforms under intense pressure, adopting the desired shape. 
  • The simplest kind of this is a press brake.
  • It guarantees the stability, precision, and strength of the steel.

Method of Bend Press Brake Machine 

Frequent use of press brakes bends materials into three different shapes.

  • Air bending 
  • Bottom bending 
  • Coining bending 

Types Of Press Brake 

To correctly bend materials, press brake operators need to have a thorough understanding of their machines. This section provides a detailed discussion of the two types of brakes, tooling, and bending techniques employed with press brakes.

  • Hydraulic press brake 
  • Electronic press brake


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