The power of the C Frame Hydraulic Press Machine is constantly under control. You can modify the ram force, direction, speed, release of force, and duration of pressure dwell to suit a professional task.

Use of C-frame Hydraulic Press

  • C-frame Hydraulic presses are used for a variety of tasks such as straightening, punching, shaping, bending, drawing, assembling, riveting, and general assembly.
  • Hydraulic C frame presses are utilized in a variety of processes such as forging, moulding, punching, clinching, and so on. They can make complicated shapes while using fewer materials. They also take up less room than mechanical presses.

Types of C-frame Hydraulic Press

  • There are different types of designs for C-frame press machines. Most applications requiring smaller bed diameters and lower tonnages commonly use C-frame presses, with rare exceptions.
  • A C-frame press is a broad term that encompasses a variety of designs. A C-frame press, at its most basic, consists of a ram, or press, a die, and a press bed.
  • Because of their compact but robust C-shaped frame, C-frame presses take up less floor space than typical hydraulic presses.
  • The press frame is often composed of steel because of its beneficial properties for stamping applications, such as its ability to produce low flexibility.

Features of C-frame Press Machine

  • We are all ready to do our task at a rapid speed and with precision, and the C Frame Hydraulic Press’s high speed assists you in accomplishing this accomplishment successfully. The hydraulic press force is always under control.
  • The C Frame Hydraulic Press features a sturdy base structure that provides exceptional stability and robustness. Our organization offers C Frame Hydraulic Presses to customers at a reasonable and inexpensive price range.
  • Single-column (C frame) hydraulic presses have a body frame in the shape of the letter “C” and a single arm structure. They feature great rigidity, guide performance, speed, and precision. They are appropriate for small companies with limited floor space.


  • The most beneficial point of a C-frame press machine is that it takes up less floor space than most other hydraulic presses. 
  • C-frame press machines are easy to use and maintain. 
  • Other hydraulic presses cost more than C-frame press machines, making them a cost-effective option.
  • With three access points into the operating area, C-frame presses make it easier to do die maintenance and adjustments, as well as remove scrap metal and finished parts.


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