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In the dynamic world of metalworking, precision and efficiency are paramount. Rajesh Machine Tools Pvt. Ltd., a leading Hydraulic Press Brakes Manufacturer, takes center stage as a distinguished Hydraulic Press Brakes manufacturer. Specializing in innovative solutions, their RG-PX series Hydraulic Press Brake Machines stand out for their exceptional features and reliability.


Technical Specification

RG-PX Hydraulic Press Brake Machine


Precision in Design and Construction

At the core of our Hydraulic Press Brakes is a robust welded steel frame structure. This design ensures durability and stability during the demanding metal forming processes. The compact cylinder design, coupled with a rear cylinder system, reduces the required pressure, enhancing overall efficiency.


Versatile Control Options

The Electrical control panel of Our Hydraulic Press Brakes offers multiple mode selections, including inch, single cycle, and auto mode operation. This versatility empowers operators with the flexibility to adapt the machine’s performance to varying production needs.


User-Friendly Operation

A mobile pair of foot switch panels add to the convenience, allowing operators easy and hands-free control. The front sheet support, extending up to 600 mm in length, provides essential assistance during metal forming operations. Integrate a thoughtful adjustment rod with a limit switch for precise stroke control, ensuring fine-tuned adjustments.


Enhanced Accuracy with Back Gauge

The Hydraulic Press Brakes come equipped with a front-operated manual back gauge fitted along with a lead screw. This feature significantly contributes to accuracy, allowing operators to set precise measurements for consistent and high-quality metal bending.


Quality Die and Punch Materials

We prioritize the use of premium materials in their Hydraulic Press Brake components. The standard 5-inch “V” die is crafted from EN-8 material, known for its durability and strength. The punch, made from EN-31 material, complements the die’s quality and ensures consistent and reliable performance. Both components remain unhardened, striking a balance between toughness and flexibility.


Seamless Lubrication System

Efficiency and longevity are further enhanced with the centralized lubrication system. This system ensures that all moving parts receive optimal lubrication, reducing wear and tear and extending the overall lifespan of the Hydraulic Press Brake.


Innovative Ram Tilting Arrangement

An innovative feature of the Hydraulic Press Brake is the ram tilting arrangement on the outer right side of the machine. This design ensures versatility in metal forming applications, allowing for a broader range of bending angles and shapes.


Reputed Components for Reliability

Rajesh CNC emphasizes quality in every aspect of their Hydraulic Press Brakes. All electric and hydraulic components are sourced from reputed manufacturers, ensuring reliability and consistent performance. This commitment to excellence sets Rajesh CNC apart as a trusted partner in the metalworking industry.



In conclusion, Rajesh Machine Tools Pvt. Ltd. delivers Hydraulic Press Brakes that not only meet but exceed industry standards. The precision in design, versatile controls, user-friendly operation, and emphasis on quality materials make their RG-PX series a top choice for efficient and reliable metal forming. Explore the world of precision metalworking with Our Hydraulic Press Brakes, where innovation and quality converge.


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