Redefining Precision in Metalworking with Rajesh Machine Tools’ NC Shearing Machines

In the realm of metal fabrication, precision, efficiency, and reliability are paramount. Rajesh Machine Tools Pvt. Ltd., a beacon in the industry, presents its state-of-the-art NC Shearing Machines, a marvel in modern engineering designed to cater to these very needs. Let’s delve into the features that set these machines apart, ensuring they stand as your ideal choice for shearing operations.


Technical Specification

RG-SX Hydraulic Shearing Machine


Guillotine Type Hydraulically Variable Rake Angle Design

At the heart of these machines is the guillotine-type design, a classic yet sophisticated approach. This design is revered for its precision and consistency, crucial in achieving clean, straight cuts. The hydraulic variable rake angle is a game-changer, allowing for adjustments based on material thickness. This adaptability ensures optimal performance across various materials, enhancing the machine’s versatility.


Intelligent Shearing Clamping Force

The automatic adjustment of the shearing clamping force is a testament to the machine’s advanced engineering. This feature intelligently adapts to different jobs, ensuring a firm grip on materials, and thereby preventing slippage and errors. It translates to a higher quality finish and reduces material wastage, a win-win for productivity and cost-effectiveness.


Enhanced Support and Precision

A notable feature is the 1000mm long table-mounted squaring arm, coupled with a 600mm front sheet support arm. This combination offers unparalleled support and stability, essential for handling larger or unwieldy materials. The precision it affords is invaluable in achieving consistent, accurate cuts.


Superior Guidance System

The machine’s ram is guided by eight hardened and grounded guide rollers, ensuring smooth movement and stability. This precision guidance system plays a crucial role in maintaining the integrity of the cut, especially over extended use.


Synchronized Movement for Accuracy

The moving beam, synchronized by a differential cylinder, ensures uniform motion and precision. This synchronization is critical in maintaining the accuracy of the cut, regardless of the material or job complexity.


Blade Gap Adjustment Made Easy

The inclusion of side levers for quick and easy blade gap adjustment is a thoughtful addition. This feature allows operators to quickly adapt the machine for clean cuts across various materials and thicknesses, significantly enhancing the machine’s flexibility.


Safety and Operation

Rajesh Machine Tools understands the importance of safety in heavy machinery. The NC Shearing Machines come with a movable foot switch, enabling operators to perform operations from a safe position. This attention to safety does not compromise efficiency but rather enhances it by ensuring operator confidence and comfort.


Compact and Efficient Design

The power pack of these machines is designed for efficiency and compactness, with minimal piping systems. This design not only saves space but also ensures easy maintenance and operation, making it a convenient choice for any workspace.


Premium Quality Components

Every component, from the electric and hydraulic parts to the blades made of premium HCHCR material with four usable edges, speaks of quality and durability. This commitment to quality ensures that the machines are not only high-performing but also have a prolonged service life with minimal downtime.


Precision Backguage Movement

The backguage movement, controlled by a lead screw, adds another layer of precision. Coupled with a heavy-duty sheet backguage stopper, it ensures accuracy in repetitive tasks, which is crucial in large-scale production environments.



Rajesh Machine Tools’ NC Shearing Machines are more than just equipment; they are a testament to innovative engineering tailored for the modern metalworking industry. Their combination of precision, efficiency, versatility, and safety makes them an invaluable asset in any metal fabrication setting. Whether you are dealing with intricate designs or large-scale production, these machines promise to deliver unparalleled performance and reliability.

Experience the future of metalworking with Rajesh Machine Tools’ NC Shearing Machines – where precision meets efficiency. Your journey towards enhanced productivity and impeccable precision starts here!


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